Swimming pools

The great EMEC experience in swimming pool sector offers the most complete, safe and efficient solution to any kind of demands.

Prevention of legionellosis

The answer of EMEC to the challenge of legionella is the most advanced and effective and it resolves the problem completely giving the maximum safety.


In oil refineries and industries, EMEC products mean reliability and accuracy, ensuring at the same time compliance with regulations.

Chemical industry

In treatment of aggressive chemicals, EMEC products offer safe and tested solutions, which above all meet customers’ requirements.

Food industry

In a sector like food industry who requires high quality and safety standards, EMEC products is able to provide high reliability too.

Beverage industry

Efficiency and safety to guarantee excellent products: usage of EMEC systems in beverage sector offers the highest sanitary standards.

Aquariums & Zoos

EMEC solutions for aquariums and zoos meet every kind of demand to guarantee the health of animals and that of their environments.

Hotels & Resorts

The safety and reliability guaranteed by EMEC systems in the water treatment are essential for customer satisfaction in facilties like hotels and resorts.


EMEC solutions are able to meet the more and more various demands of a growing world like that of wellness centre and spa resorts.

Industrial water treatment

In industrial water treatment, EMEC systems ensure at the same time efficiency and respect and safeguard of health and environment.

Potable water treatment

Long-standing experience gained by EMEC potable water treatment ensure high quality, high safety standards and the best efficiency.


Hygiene and safety take priority in healthcare settings. EMEC systems face this challenge continuously enhancing its technologies.

Cooling towers

In cooling towers sector, EMEC systems lie on a long-standing design experience and are able to comply with many possible applications.


In an ever-evolving sector like agricultural one, solutions provided by EMEC are in line with the latest innovations for high efficiency and optimisation.

Car wash

EMEC expertise in the sector of car wash ensures reliability, strength and optimisation in front of different needs of application.

Livestock Farming

EMEC solutions in the field of livestock farming ensure the maximum of reliability and accuracy to guarantee good return of the zootechnical facilities.