Feb 16, 2017 Case history

The power of MAX5 inside the Olympic pool of Bologna

The Olympic swimming pool of Bologna, Italy, which has been inaugurated on April 15 of last year and dedicated to the memory of young swimmer Carmen Longo, is another example of the potential and flexibility of MAX5. Indeed, the EMEC control instrument, mounted upon a panel with an off-line probe holder for closed amperometric cells (PEF22) and a filter, are the “brain” of the plant of filtration and water treatment installed by our customer ITACA Water inside “Carmen Longo” swimming pool. The EMEC-branded system is completed by some AMS solenoid driven dosing pumps.

It should not be surprising that a single MAX5 can manage an Olympic swimming pool with 4,000 cubic meters of water and a recirculation flow rate of the filtration plant of 1,000 m3/h. A system that is fully automated and capable of monitoring all the main parameters of the water thanks to its high technological content. The MAX5, indeed, can be programmed to manage up to 5 channels to control parameters like pH, ORP, chlorine (total, free and combined), chlorine dioxide, hydrogen peroxide, ozone, peracetic acid, turbidity, conductivity, dissolved oxygen and temperature, making it capable of meeting a wide range of applications.

However, this is just one of the many and many all-in-one solutions that EMEC can realize to meet any specific customer' need. EMEC assembled panels are fully customizable, very reliable and ready to use, providing special solutions to a wide range of possible applications. Finally, MAX5 systems can be remotely controlled by EMEC online software ERMES. With ERMES it is possible to keep under control even an Olympic swimming pool, from everywhere you are, just through a smartphone or a laptop with a browser and without installing any other software.

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Thanks to ITACA Water.