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New Pool Catalogue is now available with the new POOLBRAVO all-in-one system

Every country establishes guidelines and parameters to comply with in order to define a water treatment for swimming pools as adequate, especially for public pools. Basically, a swimming pool is usable and safe if the physicochemical parameters of the input water as well as of the water contained in the pool are constantly under control and in balance with each other, respecting the requirements provided for by law.

However, keeping the right balance between constantly changing parameters, such as pH, turbidity, free and combined chlorine, cyanuric acid or flocculants, is only possible through an automatic regulation system that doses chemicals only in case of necessity and in the right amount, in order to have total control over the swimming pool in every moment.

Fortunately, also in the new Pool Catalogue (available in English, French and Italian) EMEC have a wide range of automatic systems to meet any kind of specific need about swimming pool water treatment. From home pools to public ones, up to Olympic swimming pools, EMEC can offer the perfect solution for swimming pools water treatment: for any kind of request, with no compromise between hygiene and efficiency.


The main innovation among the EMEC products for swimming pool is definitely the integrated system POOLBRAVO. An all-in-one, easy to use, highly accurate solution for eliminating the need for manual interventions on swimming pool water and for reducing the consumption of the chemicals. Moreover, its elegant cover makes POOLBRAVO suitable for any installation context and, besides safeguarding from accidental liquid loss, preserves at the same time the cleanliness of the inner components and their integrity.

POOLBRAVO is a turnkey product to immediately manage two of the main parameters concerning swimming pool water treatment, in order to optimize dosing and consumption of the chemicals needed to respect the physicochemical requirements of water. The chemical measurement parameters you can measure and regulate include pH, chlorine, hydrogen peroxide, ozone and bromine.

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The LD multiple reading digital system inside POOLBRAVO gives you the complete control over the two preset measuring parameters and over dosing of chemicals, besides being easy to use thanks to the LCD display and the ENCODER control knob that makes simple to browse through its configuration menus. A multi-colored LED light is installed on PEF probe-holder in order to quickly signal, through an opening on the cover, specific operation statuses or possible alarms according to the color of the light. EMEC V series dosing pumps complete POOLBRAVO dosing system.

EMEC exclusive online system ERMES enables you to remotely control and regulate POOLBRAVO from any smartphone or PC, so to keep the status of your swimming pool always under control, wherever you are.


WDPHxx series has been created by EMEC to provide a complete and small-sized solution for swimming pool water treatment. WDPHxx systems are all-in-one, very compact instruments which integrate two dosing pumps and a control instrument into a single, easy to use, highly accurate system, capable of measuring and dosing pH and another parameter that depends on the chosen model.


A clear reading of data and an easy browsing through function menus are made simple by a wide backlit LCD display and by the “Encoder” control knob, in order to quickly program the working modes of the plant, to set alarms and to manage outputs.

WDPHxx proportional dosing systems is available also in the versions with peristaltic dosing pumps, the best solution to be installed where silent operation and high reliability are required, like in spa and wellness facilities. The integrated peristaltic pumps are indeed the most suitable for micro-dosing needs with lower pressure, ensuring at the same time an absolutely constant and accurate flow rate. Moreover, peristaltic pumps promise to have low power consumption thanks to low voltage.

The highest flexibility is given by the many models of WDPHxx series, which enable you to match pH regulation with that of Chlorine (WDPHCL), Bromine and Chlorine (WDPHCLS, with SCHUKO plug), Redox (WDPHRHS, with SCHUKO plug), antialgae (WDPHCA), flocculant (WDPHCF) or active oxygen (WDPHOS).


Even the products of WDPHxx series, such as POOLBRAVO systems, can be remotely controlled by ERMES online system. ERMES web app is the exclusive online system developed by EMEC to remotely interact with the plants, by reading, analyzing and correcting the parameters of the most advanced EMEC control instruments and systems, through whatever browsers and whatever PC, smartphone or tablet connected to the internet.

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The advantages are:

  • Less plant intervention and inspections.
  • Reports about current status of the connected devices (probes, outputs, alarms, setpoints)
  • Instant notifications about alarms via sms or email
  • Up to date reports about all plant instruments
  • Instruments activity logs displayed as line graphs and charts, downloadable to your PC in xls or PDF format.


With the online system ERMES you can remotely control also the EMEC digital control instruments for swimming pool, both single (LDS) and multiple (LDPHXX, MAX5) reading ones. The MAX5, in particular, is a multiple reading digital instrument control simultaneously up to five channels which can be programmed for the regulation of pH, Redox, Total Chlorine, Free Chlorine, Combined Chlorine, Turbidity, Conductivity and Temperature.

Depending on the chosen configuration, the EMEC control instruments can be controlled with ERMES locally, through RS485 link or USB port, or connecting them to the internet, using Ethernet port or 2G/3G modem.

Thanks to MODBUS protocol, EMEC control instruments can be connected to other PLC instruments, while the Proportional–Integral–Derivative protocol (PID) makes them even more accurate and autonomous: the software will automatically set the variables, adjusting them according to the selected setpoint without the need for continuous monitoring by the operator.


The selection of EMEC “Control and dosing systems” was born to meet more specific control needs in medium/large-sized swimming pools.

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These solutions are pre-assembled by EMEC with LDPHxx control instruments and with T and V series dosing pumps (pumps are also available separately and equipped with level or temperature probe) or with WDPHxx dosing pumps with built-in control instrument (available also in the versions with peristaltic dosing pumps).

In order to get the complete control over even larger and more complex swimming pool systems, EMEC offering features the “Advanced controller based systems”, pre-assembled by EMEC with MAX5 multiparameter control instruments and with T and V series dosing pumps for swimming pools.

All-in-one solutions include also filters, probes or probe-holders in respect of the intended use.