Apr 24, 2018 Products

PRISMA dosing pumps: the incomparable accuracy of the stepper motor

EMEC is proud to introduce the new stepper motor-driven dosing pump PRISMA, the best solution for offering high-accuracy metering and extreme reliability.

Thanks to the new stepper motor and to the MultiFunction software, PRISMA dosing pumps offer complete control over dosing speeds and working modes as well as great flexibility and repeatability, meeting even particularly complex application needs. PRISMA is also equipped with Level control, Alarms and Stand-by, while available working modes include Constant, Constant with external input, ppm, %, mlq, Pause-work, Weekly, mA, Pulse, Volt, external Batch and manual Batch.

PRISMA dosing pumps feature the Encoder control knob for quickly browsing through the configuration menus and a large display to easily control and regulate the working parameters. By changing background colors PRISMA backlight display is capable of signaling different working status: pump running (green); stand-by (white); warning condition (yellow); alarm condition (red).

PRISMA stepper motor-driven pumps give you the most accurate control over the stroke speed, providing an outstanding turndown ratio of up to 4800:1. It means PRISMA, through its digital multifunction control, can split up the dosing process into a maximum of 4800 steps in order to offer the most homogeneous and precise distribution of the product to dose according to the required application.

Extreme versatility of PRISMA dosing pumps is also due to Slow Mode function. With Slow Mode enabled you can reduce the suction speed from 100% to 1% of the normal speed, making easier, more reliable and extremely accurate the priming and the dosing even when you have to handle particularly viscous liquids.

PRISMA stepper motor-driven pumps are available with dosing capacity of 2, 5, 13, 20, 28 and 80 l/h at a working pressure of 25, 20, 10, 7, 5 and 2 bar, respectively.