Jul 03, 2018 Focus

EMEC installed the first model in Europe of Panasonic SMT machine "NPM-W2S"

Two new assembly systems based on the Surface-Mount Technology (SMT) and produced by the Factory Solutions division of Panasonic, a leading company in this field, have just been installed in EMEC’s SMD department. This is the department that oversees the manufacturing of all the electronic components (Surface-mount devices) underlying the great reliability of our dosing, control and disinfection systems.

prisma ombraWhile, indeed, the wide range of products offered by EMEC continues to grow, at the same time our production capacity also grows. Besides designing and producing new important dosing systems, like the control instrument CENTURIO TOWER and the motor stepper-driven dosing pump PRISMA, for the past few months EMEC has continued to reorganize and enhance its production process. The new EMEC 3 and EMEC 4 plants, placed in Rieti, are now fully operational, thus allowing even the optimization of the production lines that have remained in the main plant.

SMD department is one the those production lines and for a decade now has employed the Surface-mount technology (SMT) for assembling all the electronic components that operate EMEC dosing pumps, disinfection systems and control instruments.

DSC 0061

Surface-mount technology, developed by IBM since the Sixties and also used to realize the control systems of Saturn V rockets that brought man to the Moon, has now almost completely replaced the old Through-hole technique (THT), where components are inserted into holes drilled in the printed circuit boards.

DSC 0062

Instead the SMT provides that the components are mounted or placed directly onto the surface of printed circuit boards, without the need of holes, making possible an high degree of automation and resulting in a simpler and faster assembly process. Also due to the self-correction ability, this degree of automation reduces the number of errors.

Moreover, smaller electronic components, that can be placed on both sides of the circuit boards, result in smaller devices where to position them and so also in better mechanical performance under shock and vibration conditions as well as better EMC performance (lower radiated emissions).

The two new SMT assembly systems just installed in our production plant are the NPM-W2 and the NPM-W2S. NPM W2S is an evolution of the W2 model and, although it is the most recent model released by Panasonic in the successful NPM series, has already won the Global Technology Award 2017 given by the important specialized magazine Global SMT & Packaging.

The new Panasonic NPM-W2S model installed in EMEC plant is the first ever to arrive in Europe.

The decision to adopt the most innovative production tools is part of EMEC's strategy of growth and development of company production in order to offer reliable and technologically advanced products and to respond, at the same time, to the great demand for our most recent introduced products.

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