Aug 30, 2018 Products

NSF certification for POOLBRAVO, K series dosing pumps and LD multichannel instruments

EMEC has released a new version with NSF certification of the POOLBRAVO all-in-one system. A further guarantee of the absolute reliability and safety of the EMEC systems used in the pool sector.

The series of products employed in the new POOLBRAVO, and for which EMEC has requested the NSF certification for pools and spas, are in particular the dosing pumps of K series and the multi-channel control instruments of the LDPHxx series.

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NSF International, founded in 1944 in the United States to standardize sanitation and food safety requirements, has worked with key industry stakeholders to make pools, spas and recreational water products safer since 1949: the “NSF/ANSI 50: Equipment for Pools, Spas, Hot Tubs and Other Recreational Water Facilities” standard was developed by a committee of experts comprised of manufacturers, public health officials and users. No other standard in the world probably has such complete evaluation and testing criteria.


NSF certification process is accredited by the American National Standards Institute (ANSI) that exists to ensure that standards development processes and certification programs are of high quality. ANSI evaluates and monitors NSF standards development and product certification processes and ensures that NSF International meets the requirements of ISO 17065.

“NSF/ANSI 50” certification for pools and spas covers both public and residential applications and specifies requirements for material health effects, corrosion resistance, performance, disinfection efficacy, durability and validation of equipment and components, design and construction, marking and user instructions. The standard covers every form of pool and spa, public and private, and every component, from pumps and chemicals to suction fittings and water test devices. Equally important, “NSF/ANSI Standard 50” is in a constant state of evolution, incorporating the latest product and material test methods and regulations.

In order for products to be tested to meet NSF criteria, each model has gone through a seven step process:

  1. Application and submission of information to NSF International
  2. Product evaluation
  3. Product testing in a lab
  4. Manufacturing facility inspection with confirmation of production and product sampling
  5. Review of test results
  6. Sign a contract and list the products
  7. Annual plant inspections and retesting to maintain certification

After these steps have been completed, the product is associated with the NSF symbol to help buyers know which products have been certified. For more info about EMEC certified models please consult NSF official documentation:

The NSF certification is of fundamental importance especially for the North American market and in particular in the USA, where EMEC products aim to replicate in the agronomic field the same success achieved in the swimming pool sector.

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