Apr 16, 2019 News

EMEC presents the use of LOTUS systems in the swimming pool at a conference in Turin

On April 13th EMEC was in Turin at Wepool and Italpool Technical Meeting "Quality, safety, savings: can they coexist in the pool?". Within the meeting we illustrated the use of the LOTUS chlorine dioxide generator in the swimming pool with the intervention "Legionella in water systems: new chlorine dioxide generator" and the report by Prof. Roberto Lombardi (Technological Innovation Department of INAIL in Rome) titled "Disinfection, technological innovation and current legislation for microbiological contamination of the water system".

lotus air nuova EV IN display accesoBacteria of the Legionella genus represent one of the main risks in sanitary hot water systems. A risk often overlooked in the swimming pool. The poor perception of risk is indeed one of the factors that most predispose the swimming pool environment to the possible spread of Legionella, together with the seasonality of the use of the plants and their age and complexity.

There are numerous cases of swimming pools forced to suspend their activity following cases of legionellosis among users and the presence of the bacterium, detected in particular in showers and changing rooms.

The safest and most effective response against the risk of legionellosis in sanitary hot water systems is definitely chlorine dioxide. ClO2 eliminates both the pathogen and biofilm, the habitat in which the bacterium of legionella and other types of bacteria proliferate. Its action, independent of the pH of the water to be treated, is not aggressive towards the pipes, with a lasting effect and a wide range of action from the point of injection that make it possible to treat entire hydraulic systems even with small quantities of product.

EMEC LOTUS series stems from the desire to create a chlorine dioxide production system capable of satisfying every need, ensuring an absolute level of safety.

  • The safety deriving from over 35 years of EMEC experience in the design and construction of dosing and control systems for water treatment.
  • The safety demonstrated by the LOTUS system in the scientific tests to which it has been subjected and from which emerges a disinfectant efficacy on the various bacterial species already within 5 minutes and with a reduction close to 100% within 30 minutes. For Legionella, even after repeated contamination, the system maintains its disinfectant effectiveness over time.
  • The safety of the LOTUS system production process, in which there is no requirement to handle chlorine dioxide as a gas, but instead two liquid ‘precursor’ chemicals react together inside a reaction chamber to form the chlorine dioxide required. EMEC LOTUS does not store the chlorine dioxide therefore there is no chlorine dioxide gas or concentrated solutions outside of the process application. A sensor for the detection of gas in air and a multi-function valve guarantee process safety.
  • The safety of a system that can be remotely monitored 24 hours a day through ERMES, the EMEC online software accessible from any browser, system and device.
  • Finally, safety with regard to workplace safety regulations which prescribe the use of the most advanced technical solution.

The choice of a LOTUS system for the swimming pool is a safe choice for the disinfection of the shower and changing rooms, of recirculation and filter tanks and for the work of plant operators.

The use of chlorine dioxide is also safe for the possible disinfection of pool water (also in combination with chlorine), acting effectively even at low concentrations, reducing the need to use other substances for cleaning the pipes and, above all, without risk of interaction with organic material and avoiding the formation of dangerous by-products.

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