Mar 12, 2017 Case history

MAX5 and the deepest pool in the world

Not only Olympic swimming pools. The EMEC control instrument MAX5 has also been chosen to control a really unique swimming pool.

Y-40 "The Deep Joy" swimming pool, first opened in 2014 in Montegrotto Terme (PD), is indeed the deepest pool in the world with a depth of 42.15 metres, breaking so the record previously held by Nemo 33 in Brussels, “just” 34.5 metres deep. The pool contains 4,300 m3 (1,136,000 US gal) of thermal water kept at a temperature of 34 °C (93 °F). The pool features underwater caves and a suspended, transparent, underwater tunnel for guests to walk through. It includes platforms at various depths, ranging from 1.3 metres (4.3 ft) to 12 metres (39 ft), before the walls of the pool narrow into a well-like funnel which plunges straight down to 42.15 metres.

Feb 16, 2017 Case history

The power of MAX5 inside the Olympic pool of Bologna

The Olympic swimming pool of Bologna, Italy, which has been inaugurated on April 15 of last year and dedicated to the memory of young swimmer Carmen Longo, is another example of the potential and flexibility of MAX5. Indeed, the EMEC control instrument, mounted upon a panel with an off-line probe holder for closed amperometric cells (PEF22) and a filter, are the “brain” of the plant of filtration and water treatment installed by our customer ITACA Water inside “Carmen Longo” swimming pool. The EMEC-branded system is completed by some AMS solenoid driven dosing pumps.

Feb 02, 2017 News

Now EMEC website also speaks Dutch

The new EMEC website has been an essential step in company non-stop evolution offering new services for clients and the same ease of use and reliability of all EMEC systems.

After introducing Italian, English, Spanish and Portuguese versions, now we are pleased to announce that starting today EMEC website is also available in Dutch, to further enhance EMEC global vocation and our presence in Europe. Indeed, besides being spoken in Netherlands, the Dutch language is also spoken by 59% of the Belgians and it is one of the official languages of European Union.