Aug 02, 2016 News

EMEC new website:

Today EMEC has launched the next step in the company’s non-stop evolution: a brand new website with a completely new URL to reflect EMEC global vocation together with its core business, but above all to offer the same ease of use and reliability of all EMEC systems. An easy-to-navigate website full of information and functionalities for existing and potential customers, with an area reserved to registered clients where to find support, upgrades and exclusive benefits. Discovering the EMEC world of systems and instruments for water and chemicals treatment has never been so easy.

Jun 07, 2016 Products

PRIUS pumps: the MF revolution

After having introduced with the PRIUS range the first series of motor driven pumps entirely designed and engineered by EMEC, we decided to undertake a new challenge, a new adventure which has taken us to develop a revolutionary product: the PRIUS MultiFunction motor driven pumps.

PRIUS motor-driven dosing pumps have been entirely designed and engineered by EMEC to meet any need of high-performance metering with a range of 12 different models. High dosing performances are combined with high resistance against aggressive chemical agents, vibrations and losses, in order to ensure extreme reliability. By virtue of their performances, PRIUS motor-driven pumps are suitable for many applications, such as potable water treatment plants, industrial water and wastewater treatment plants, food or chemical industry.

The new PRIUS MF series now adds to all these features a level of control never seen before, since PRIUS MF dosing pumps can be controlled through their display and programmed according to different working modes, ensuring extreme accuracy on the regulation of dosing process. Moreover, integration of ERMES remote control system with PRIUS MF motor-driven pumps gives you total control everywhere through any device.

Jun 07, 2016 Products

LOTUS: the solution against Legionella

Legionella, the bacterium causing legionellosis, is worldwide one of the main problems and one of the main challenges in the water disinfection. LOTUS is the EMEC answer to that challenge, offering the safest and the most effective solutions against Legionella for every application.

LOTUS systems were born indeed from the research and from the will to design and create systems for chlorine dioxide production able to meet any need. Our generators at controlled pressure or at atmospheric pressure, thanks to their versatility, can meet all needs of water disinfection.

Advanced dioxide generators of LOTUS series are especially recommended for reduction, control and prevention of the risk of legionellosis in the field of domestic hot water (DHW). Production of chlorine dioxide has been made safe and stable in time through a new system expressly designed to offer a turnkey product, easy to install and easy to manage thanks to a simplified user interface.

Jun 06, 2016 Fairs

EMEC at IFAT 2016 in Munich

3,097 exhibitors from 59 countries and more than 130,000 visitors coming from over 170 nations: these are the numbers of the 2016 edition of IFAT, world’s leading trade fair for environmental technologies and, particularly, for water treatment, which took place in Munich between May 30 and June 3.