Jan 09, 2018 News

EM-Export: New Commercial Penetration Plan co-funded by the EU



The project is implemented through EU financial support


Project approved with determination n.G11876, 31st August 2017

Financial support received: € 73.602,89

Project Title: EM-Export: Nuovo Piano di Penetrazione Commerciale attraverso la partecipazione a rilevanti fiere internazionali

Dec 05, 2017 News

«ЭМЕК, дозирующие насосы и системы дезинфекции»: EMEC now speaks Russian

The new EMEC website has been an essential step in company non-stop evolution, offering new services for clients and the same ease of use and reliability of all EMEC systems.

After introducing Italian, English, Spanish, Portuguese, Dutch and French versions, we are now pleased to introduce the Russian version of EMEC website, in order to enhance EMEC global vocation as well as our presence in Europe and Asia. The Russian is indeed the eighth most spoken language in the world by number of native speakers (170 million) and the seventh by total number of speakers (260 million), since it is diffused in Europe and Asia, but also in North America and Israel.

Nov 06, 2017 Products

New Pool Catalogue is now available with the new POOLBRAVO all-in-one system

Every country establishes guidelines and parameters to comply with in order to define a water treatment for swimming pools as adequate, especially for public pools. Basically, a swimming pool is usable and safe if the physicochemical parameters of the input water as well as of the water contained in the pool are constantly under control and in balance with each other, respecting the requirements provided for by law.

However, keeping the right balance between constantly changing parameters, such as pH, turbidity, free and combined chlorine, cyanuric acid or flocculants, is only possible through an automatic regulation system that doses chemicals only in case of necessity and in the right amount, in order to have total control over the swimming pool in every moment.

Fortunately, also in the new Pool Catalogue (available in English, French and Italian) EMEC have a wide range of automatic systems to meet any kind of specific need about swimming pool water treatment. From home pools to public ones, up to Olympic swimming pools, EMEC can offer the perfect solution for swimming pools water treatment: for any kind of request, with no compromise between hygiene and efficiency.

Oct 26, 2017 Products

New control instrument CENTURIO: cooling towers at your command

The evolution of technology can improve your work experience only when you have complete control over it. CENTURIO is the new control instrument designed by EMEC to give you the best work experience in the control of cooling tower water treatment, with the ease and safety you need and with the elegance of the box designed by Giugiaro Design.