All-In-One solutions for water treatment

What distinguishes EMEC is not only the wide range of products, but also the possibility to assemble all-in-one solutions for specific applications, from swimming pools to cooling towers, and customizable according to any request.

Along with the wide range of products, EMEC offering is enhanced by all-in-one turnkey solutions: dosing pumps, measuring and monitoring systems can be assembled with probes and accessories on customizable panels and in specified combinations according to customers' needs. Our solutions can also be assembled on designated boxes, with or without shutters and on stainless steel personalized frames (skid). Our all-in-one solutions are suitable for a wide application range, from swimming pools to cooling towers, as well as in sewage disposal and in drinking water treatment facilities.

Ready to use

EMEC all-in-one solutions are turnkey.


Ask: we have the solution for all your needs.


EMEC products ensure the highest safety standards.

Pre-assembled panels

Customizable skids and dosing cabins

The Stainless Steel or plastic skid is designed and assembled according to client requirements.

 In addition to the solution on skids, it is possible to create dosing plants in a cabin, screen guard or with window.

Assembled solutions include electric control panels, designed and realized to manage instruments. Electrical and piping hookups are included with final product for a quick installation.


Storage, dosing, all regulation in one single system. Dosing stations are assembled to include:

  • Dosing pumps 
  • Suction lances 
  • Mixer
  • Water makeup valve
  • Water bleed valve

Dosing stations are complete solutions ready to go.