Chlorine Dioxide Generator

LOTUS AIR system produces, doses and controls chlorine dioxide for water disinfection. It is a pressure-less chlorine dioxide generator useful for those applications in which multi-point injection is required.
Chlorine Dioxide is produced from diluted base chemicals: acid-chlorite process by hydrochloric acid (HCl 9%) and sodium chlorite (NaClO2 7,5%). Chlorine dioxide produced by LOTUS AIR is stocked into a tank and then dosed proportionally to the request.
Dosing is multi-point and proportional to the volumetric flow rate. Chlorine dioxide is produced with a BATCH process. The reaction process takes place at ATMOSPHERIC PRESSURE. An active carbon filter prevents potential exhalations.

LOTUS AIR is designed so that the reaction to produce chlorine dioxide takes place in a reaction chamber. A multifunction valve guarantees the safety of the process.

GAS sensor option
LOTUS AIR with gas sensor detection.