Control Instrument - MAX5


Control Instrument

MAX5 control instrument is a controller system that meets a wide range of applications.
It is a multiple digital controller system for managing up to 5 channels that can be programmed to control: pH, ORP, chlorine (total, free and combined), chlorine dioxide, hydrogen peroxide, ozone, peracetic acid, turbidity, conductivity, dissolved oxygen and temperature.

MAX5 versatility enables different programming solutions: each channel can be programmed on specific user requirement.

All information are provided through a widescreen LCD display. Instrument has: 6 setpoints relais output (on/off, PID or PWM) renamable, 6 impulsive proportional output renamable, 1 probe cleaning output, 5 level tank input renamable, 5 timer for flocculant/algicide dosing renamable, water meter input for water restore, temperature probe input, alarm output, easy control by encoder wheel, ERMES web communication, local & remote control, multiple probe readings can be viewed, probe readout menu and check up, LOG menu for enable/disable log on output, permanent data storage with system log, stand-by input, alarms, totalizer for instant flow rate when connected to a meter and 6 mA output (optional).