Oct 26, 2017 Productos

New control instrument CENTURIO: cooling towers at your command

The evolution of technology can improve your work experience only when you have complete control over it. CENTURIO is the new control instrument designed by EMEC to give you the best work experience in the control of cooling tower water treatment, with the ease and safety you need and with the elegance of the box designed by Giugiaro Design.


CENTURIO is equipped with a Linux operating system, a high-performance ARM A5 microprocessor and a large, touchscreen, color display, in order to give you total and simultaneous control over its five channels and the most important parameters for cooling tower water treatment. The measurement parameters for the five channels can be: conductivity, chlorine, pH, ORP, tracer, inhibitor, inductive conductivity, chemical level and chemical log feed. In addition, real-time graphs, graph history and a large storage capacity for data logging, with download option through USB port, make CENTURIO a really complete solution for every cooling tower application.

CENTURIO. Control instrument for cooling towersQuick data visualization on the dashboard CENTURIO. Control instrument for cooling towersReal-time graphs and graph history
CENTURIO. Control instrument for cooling towersReading and setting of setpoints for the 5 channels CENTURIO. Control instrument for cooling towersLog: large capacity storage and download option via USB

The ultimate in cooling tower control is the integration with ERMES, the exclusive EMEC remote control system. Indeed, CENTURIO can connect to the internet through WIFI, 2G/3G or LAN and then it can be safely configured and controlled with ERMES web app wherever you are by using any PC, smartphone or tablet with any browser. CENTURIO is also equipped with MODBUS serial communication protocol in order to be connected to other devices on RS485 networks.

Since CENTURIO has been designed with the new “EASY-MOUNT” system, even the installation is very easy and fast, as well as box opening with captive screws and side zipper.

CENTURIO is all you need for a complete control over cooling tower water treatment.

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