Feb 18, 2020 Productos

CENTURIO POOL. Complete and safe control for your swimming pool

CENTURIO POOL is the new digital regulation and measurement system designed by EMEC for multi-parameter control in swimming pool water treatment. It combines complete control and extreme ease of use with the elegance of the case made by Giugiaro Design.

Equipped with a Linux operating system, a high-performance ARM A5 microprocessor and a large color touchscreen, CENTURIO POOL offers everything you need to manage even the most complex swimming pool system.

It can be set to work with pH priorities and can control flocculant output, shock chlorination and backwashing of filters and simultaneously manage up to 10 channels to read the following parameters: pH, free chlorine, combined chlorine, active free chlorine, total chlorine, conductivity, ORP, NTU, product levels, pool water level. For each channel CENTURIO POOL has 2 digital setpoints (ON / OFF), 2 proportional setpoints (IS), 1 mA output setpoint and 1 Temperature setpoint; you can also set 6 timers with a maximum of 10 daily schedules each.

CENTURIO POOL can be connected to the Internet via WIFI, GSM or ETHERNET and remotely controlled via ERMES, the online control system designed by EMEC. It is also equipped with the MODBUS serial communication protocol (optional) which allows connection with other devices within RS485 networks.

CENTURIO POOL is the safest controller for your swimming pool system.

Ago 30, 2018 Productos

Certificación NSF para POOLBRAVO, bombas dosificadoras K y instrumentos LD multicanal

EMEC ha lanzado una nueva versión con certificación NSF del sistema todo en uno POOLBRAVO. Una garantía adicional de la absoluta fiabilidad y seguridad de los sistemas EMEC utilizados en el sector de piscinas.

Las series de productos empleados en la nueva versión de POOLBRAVO, y para las cuales EMEC ha solicitado la certificación NSF para piscinas y spas, son en particular las bombas dosificadoras de la serie K y los instrumentos de control multicanal de la serie LDPHxx.