Mar 12, 2017 Case history

The MAX5 and the deepest pool in the world

Not only Olympic swimming pools. The EMEC control instrument MAX5 has also been chosen to control a really unique swimming pool.

Y-40 pool, first opened in 2014 in Montegrotto Terme (PD), is indeed the deepest in the world with a depth of 42.15 metres, breaking so the record previously held by Nemo 33 in Brussels, “just” 34.5 metres deep. The pool contains 4,300 m3 (1,136,000 US gal) of thermal water kept at a temperature of 34 °C (93 °F). The pool features underwater caves and a suspended, transparent, underwater tunnel for guests to walk through. It includes platforms at various depths, ranging from 1.3 metres (4.3 ft) to 12 metres (39 ft), before the walls of the pool narrow into a well-like funnel which plunges straight down to 42.15 metres.

5 Culligan Y40 deepest pool in the world

The heart of the plant installed by Culligan Italiana consists of four filtration systems, for a total flow rate of 720 m3/h, controlled through a panel assembled by EMEC on behalf of Culligan. Once again, the “brain” of the system, mounted upon the panel together with four dosing pumps (three AMS and one of V series), a filter and an off-line probe holder for amperometric cells, is a MAX5, a control instrument that can be programmed to manage up to 5 channels to control pH, ORP, chlorine (total, free and combined), chlorine dioxide, hydrogen peroxide, ozone, peracetic acid, turbidity, conductivity, dissolved oxygen and temperature.

Along with the high-level programming, MAX5 systems, as well as other EMEC control instruments, can also be remotely controlled by EMEC online software ERMES. MAX5 makes the control of a complex and unordinary plant as the Y-40 easy and safe.

y 40

Thanks to Culligan Italiana.