Mar 02, 2017 Case history

EMEC is an ally also for agricultural innovation

The EMEC control instruments can meet the widest range of needs in water treatment. Among the many fields of application, one of the most important and constantly evolving is doubtless the agriculture, with always-new technological innovations that have to combine at the same time the demand for productivity with the protection both of the final customer and the environment.

Now our distributor ECO2MIX and its new system for reducing water pH can give us a very interesting example of how to combine these two needs. Using water high in carbonates and salts (hard water) in agriculture can clog irrigation emitters and pipes. Thus, to reduce water pH, farmers usually employ Sulphuric Acid or other chemical acids, or Sulphur Burners, all systems that, besides being potentially toxic and dangerous, are also expensive. Instead, the innovative solution conceived and developed by ECO2MIX is able to reduce water pH through injection of simple Carbon Dioxide (CO2), within a system that is efficient, safe and economic, as well as carbon neutral thanks to the recover and reuse of CO2.

Right in the last weeks ECO2MIX has installed two of these plants in two farms that produce almonds in the San Joaquin Valley in California, USA, choosing two EMEC LDS PH PLUS control instruments to measure water pH and control CO2 injection. As well as to the great reliability and accuracy, the selection of an EMEC control instrument is also due to the remote control offered by ERMES online system. Without need of extra software, it is possible to remotely manage the parameters controlled by the two LDS PLUS in the two ranches of 120 and 240 acres just with a smartphone.

EMEC and the wide offer of dosing pumps, control instruments, probes and accessories can meet the demands always more specific of a sector always more technological, proving themselves to be once again the best allies for the technological innovation.


Thanks to ECO2MIX.