Avr 06, 2017 Notizie

ERMES, your assistant smarter than ever

ERMES is always more user-friendly, featuring a remote control more reliable and rapid over all your plants.

The online app ERMES has been developed by EMEC to make possible to remotely control its systems in a simple but complete way through whatever browser.

Now, with the new redesigned dashboard you can access all the essential info about your remote-controlled plants in an even more immediate way.

The new dashboard page enables you to read the main parameters controlled by every instrument, for all the connected plants, with no need to access singularly to every one of them, and highlighting in red those parameters for which an alarm is activated. In the same way, from the new dashboard you can also immediately read the state of operation and the connection status of the systems of every plant, in order to have at a glance the total control over the proper functioning of your plants connected to ERMES.

ermes new

Moreover, the new interface is even more mobile-friendly. Right from the dashboard you can now easily and quickly read all the essential info and detect possible anomalies, everywhere you are and saving your mobile data connection.

Thanks to ERMES the complete control over your plants is always with you and is more immediate than ever.