Sep 16, 2020 Produits

PRISMA dosing pump on your smartphone with the new app developed by EMEC

PRISMA stepper motor dosing pump is one of the most advanced and most successful products among those introduced by EMEC in the sector of water treatment and chemical product dosing.

EMEC is therefore pleased to present today a new app, developed for iOs and Android, to further improve its functions and user experience. The new “Prisma” app allows for the first time to interact with PRISMA dosing pumps directly through your smartphone or tablet, in all simplicity and security, and with important advantages.

Thanks to the Bluetooth (BLE) connection of your device, the new “Prisma” app created by EMEC is in fact able to connect, through the use of a password, to your PRISMA dosing pump, in a simple and totally secure way. Once paired, the software allows you to view the pump status in real-time and working stats on the screen of your device and to quickly control all its functions through a clear and intuitive interface, as if you were interacting directly with the pump's Encoder knob.

Prisma app 0001    Prisma app 0002

The main difference, however, by controlling the pump with the app, is the possibility of reviewing the settings and working modes of the PRISMA even while the pump is running, with the great advantage of being able to edit them without the need to stop the system. For greater efficiency, at your fingertips.

One of the other advantages featured by the "Prisma" app is the ability to save the working settings of a pump so that they can then be applied quickly and easily to another PRISMA pump associated with the same mobile device. This can make setting up a complex system with several PRISMA pumps much faster and can make it much easier to transfer the same settings to multiple systems that perform the same function.

The app is available for free download from the Apple App Store and the Android Play Store. Its use requires access to at least one PRISMA dosing pump.

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