Jui 04, 2018 Focus

How and why Chlorine Dioxide and LOTUS generators can protect you from Legionella

Water treatment to prevent the proliferation of legionellosis bacteria is one of the main challenges with regard to hot water recirculation networks in water-sanitary systems. In this field the use of chlorine dioxide (ClO2) has replaced that of chlorine (hypochlorous acid) in water treatment and disinfection by now, first of all because of the many advantages brought by a biocidal and antiviral power definitely higher as well as independent from the pH of the water to treat. Indeed, chlorine dioxide is the safest and the most effective answer against the risk of legionellosis, especially in cooling towers and Hot Water systems, by affecting and breaking down, besides the pathogens, even the biofilm, a bacterial aggregation that is the natural habitat in which both Legionella bacteria, the cause of legionellosis, and other species of bacteria proliferate. Using chlorine dioxide in disinfection of water has demonstrated to be no less than 10 times more effective against bacteria, algae, fungi and viruses.

Chlorine dioxide is not aggressive toward pipes and its effect is longer-lasting, up to several days, and over a wider area from the injection point, ensuring the treatment of a whole plumbing system, even by using a small amount of product. Unlike chlorine, there is no formation of potentially cancer-causing by-products from disinfection, and for all these reasons use of chlorine dioxide is safe even for drinking water treatment.

Still, the real challenge remains the risk of legionellosis, one of the main worldwide problems in water disinfection. The LOTUS disinfection systems are thus the EMEC answer to this challenge, offering the safest and the most effective solutions against Legionella bacterium for every application.

Jan 10, 2018 Notizie

EMEC FRANCE: un nouveau siège à quelques pas de l'aéroport de Paris-Beauvais

Nous sommes heureux d'annoncer que notre filiale EMEC FRANCE a déplacée son siège dans de nouveaux locaux à Tillé, près de Paris. La décision de déménager dans des bureaux modernes et plus importants est dû aux nouveaux besoins et à la croissance remarquable d'EMEC FRANCE. De plus, le nouveau siège social est très proche (à quelques centaines de mètres) de l'aéroport de Beauvais-Tillé, aussi appelé aéroport de Paris-Beauvais.

Toutes les coordonnées ont été mises à jour et sont disponibles sur la page EMEC FRANCE dans la rubrique contact.