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Sexta, 12 Maio 2017 12:53

PEF range modifications

Some modifications regarding the range of Off-line Probe Holders for Amperometric Cells that are in our pricelist.

In particular, starting today, the anti-vacuum valve will be present on all the models constituing PEF1, PEF5, PEF22 and PEF23 series. The valve, besides properly working when open, functions as cap once closed.

This modification implies the merger between the models already equipped with the anti-vacuum valve and the corresponding models not equipped with it.


  • Old PEF1 and PEF1 VA models are replaced by PEF1R model
  • Old PEF1/K and PEF1/K VA models are replaced by PEF1R/K model
  • Old PEF1/E and PEF1/E VA models are replaced by PEF1R/E model
  • Old PEF1/E/K and PEF1/E/K VA models are replaced by PEF1R/E/K model
  • Old PEF5 and PEF5 VA models are replaced by PEF5R model
  • Old PEF5/K and PEF5/K VA models are replaced by PEF5R/K model
  • Old PEF22 and PEF22 VA models are replaced by PEF22R model
  • Old PEF23 and PEF23 VA models are replaced by PEF23R model

Pricelist is completed by the already present PEF2, PEF2/K and PEF3 models, not equipped with anti-vacuum valve.

More info can be found on the PEF models page on this website.

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