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EMEC controllers and probes are the most accurate and reliable instruments to meter and regulate all the parameters of EMEC dosing and disinfection systems for water treatment, and to keep always under control, even remotely, the proper functioning of any kind of installation for many sectors of application, providing a wide range of features suitable for every need.

Our monitoring and control systems allow you to oversee and set up all the essential parameters with accuracy, thanks to the integration with our wide series of probes, ensuring the reliable and continuous functioning of all plants. One of the main added value of EMEC management and control systems is the ease of use and setting through ENCODER and EASY-NAV wheel interface. But the real key-feature of our control systems is actually the online system ERMES that can remotely control different equipments located in different places at the same time and with one web interface.


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EMEC series of controllers offer a solution to meter and regulate all sorts of chemical dosing and water treatment processes.

Thanks to integration with the wide range of EMEC probes, EMEC control instruments are designed to offer automatic dosing management and the ultimate in reading and regulation accuracy for all the essential parameters. With alarm management and data logging and history, they ensure non-stop operation of your plants. EMEC control instruments enable you to regulate essential measurement parameters, such as pH, ORP (oxidation/reduction potential), chlorine, bromine, fluorine, chlorine dioxide, hydrogen peroxide, ozone, peracetic acid, turbidity, conductivity, dissolved oxygen or temperature.

Multi-decennial experience gathered by EMEC on programming results in an extreme reliability of EMEC controllers, as well as in the possibility to design dedicated software for every instrument according to specific customer’s need. Besides, EMEC control instruments already designed for specific applications are also available, such as CENTURIO TOWER and MTOWER controllers for cooling towers or LDOSIN controllers for reverse osmosis plants. Every series of control instruments is equipped with different sets of functions, working modes, inputs and outputs, in order to offer the best solution for every application need.

Easy reading of measurement parameters and fast browsing through configuration menus in order to program the instrument is made simple by a responsive interface with rotation knob and a wide LCD display. The real key feature of EMEC control instruments, however, is the exclusive remote control system ERMES. The most advanced control instruments can indeed connect to the internet using Ethernet, 2G/3G or WIFI (depending on the chosen configuration), and so can be remotely controlled with ERMES online system by using a simple web interface through any device and browser.

EMEC control instruments can also communicate with other devices (PLC) connected to the same network through RS845 interface thanks to MODBUS serial communication protocol.

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