Returns and repairs

In case of return for replacement, repair or other, it is necessary to contact your sales representative (or alternatively, specifying the necessary data) to agree on and set up the procedure to be followed according to the purpose of the operation. To guarantee the quality and speed of the return service, we also request that our customers attach the Return Form (MDR) and the Decontamination Form to the product shipment.

Return form (MDR)

Used to analyse the procedure to be applied to the return of products in order to reduce turnover times as much as possible.

Decontamination Form

Pursuant to and for the purposes of the current legislation, it is the responsibility of the user to clean and decontaminate all materials returned to EMEC. This form allows us to analyse the level of danger of any chemicals that have come into contact with the instruments so that we can apply the most appropriate measures to protect our employees.
This form must be completed in all its parts and attached to the transport document. The presence of the Decontamination form is a prerequisite for the opening of the package and the related work file. A form must be completed for each product if the shipment consists of multiple packages.