Our sectors

Swimming pools

EMEC’s vast experience in the swimming pool sector offers the most complete solution for any type of requirement, guaranteeing a safe and efficient system.


Prevention of Legionellosis

EMEC’s response to the challenge of Legionella is the most sophisticated and effective possible, solving the problem at its root for the highest degree of safety.

Oil industry

EMEC products in refineries and oil plants are synonymous with reliability and precision, as well as compliance with regulations.

Chemical industry

EMEC products offer safe, proven and, above all, customer-friendly solutions in the treatment of aggressive chemicals.

Beverage industry

Efficiency and safety to guarantee excellent products: the use of EMEC systems in the beverage industry offers the highest compliance with hygiene standards.

Food industry

EMEC products also offer maximum reliability in sectors that demands quality and safety, such as the food industry.

Aquariums & Zoos

EMEC solutions for aquariums and zoos meet all kinds of requirements to ensure the health of animals and their environments.

Hotels & Resorts

The safety and reliability of EMEC water treatment systems are of crucial importance in facilities such as hotels.


EMEC products respond to increasingly diversified needs in growing sectors such as that of wellness centres and spas.

Industrial water treatment

EMEC systems guarantee efficiency and, at the same time, respect and the protection of health and the environment in the treatment of industrial water.

Drinking water

EMEC’s long experience in drinking water treatment ensures high quality, high safety standards and the utmost efficiency.


In healthcare, the priority is on hygiene and safety. EMEC products meet this challenge by continuously implementing its technologies.