Jul 02, 2020 Products

New “UMS” pump heads: PRIUS dosing pumps to a new level of innovation

EMEC is proud to introduce the new UMS pump head, designed to bring the PRIUS motor driven dosing pumps to a new and even higher level of reliability, resistance and safety.

One of the main innovations of the UMS pump head is the presence, together with the manual purge, of the new integrated safety valve that according to the nominal working pressure ensures the correct operation of the pump. This exclusive innovation is a guarantee for the reliability and durability of the pump and also facilitates its maintenance, making PRIUS pumps even more efficient and safe.

Mar 17, 2020 News

EMEC included among the best Italian companies in 2012-2018, to look to the future with confidence

EMEC is among the best Italian companies in terms of development rate, profitability and financial strength, and consequently among those that will be most ready to start again when the markets begin to recover at the end of this inevitably difficult period.

This is what comes to light from the analysis carried out by the ItalyPost Study Center on the companies that performed best between 2012 and 2018 and revealed this week by the insert "L’Economia" of Corriere della Sera.

The study, now in its third edition, is in fact characterized by a scientific analysis of available financial statements of the last six years and is based on a series of very stringent criteria, including a 2012-2018 aggregate average growth (Cagr) of at least 4.25%; an annual average of gross industrial profits (Ebitda) in the last three years equal to at least 9.72 % of turnover; an "excellent" rating, between triple B and triple A, based on the attribution of the Modefinance rating agency; an average NFP/Ebitda ratio of less than 2.8.

EMEC has abundantly met these criteria, with a 2012-2018 average aggregate growth of 9.21%, an average of the Ebitda indicator in the last three years of 30.59% and a triple A rating in 2018, thus being perfectly in line with the company profile described by ItalyPost analysts:

"Three years ago, at the beginning of our journey in the universe of small and medium-sized enterprises, we called them 'Champions'. Companies that, in the aftermath of the Great Recession which exploded in 2008-2009, had managed to intercept the world recovery phase of the economy and to drive the Italian system out of the crisis thanks to a series of factors: sufficient financial means to invest regardless of bank loans, product customization, organizational flexibility, use of technologies, massive use of 4.0. These strategies aimed at attacking global markets were accompanied by obsessive attention to human resources. Objective: to attract and retain the best talent."

Therefore, even in this critical period, EMEC has all the strength necessary to continue to excel and to look to the future with confidence.

EMEC. Simple as water

Feb 18, 2020 Products

CENTURIO POOL. Complete and safe control for your swimming pool

CENTURIO POOL is the new digital regulation and measurement system designed by EMEC for multi-parameter control in swimming pool water treatment. It combines complete control and extreme ease of use with the elegance of the case made by Giugiaro Design.

Equipped with a Linux operating system, a high-performance ARM A5 microprocessor and a large color touchscreen, CENTURIO POOL offers everything you need to manage even the most complex swimming pool system.

It can be set to work with pH priorities and can control flocculant output, shock chlorination and backwashing of filters and simultaneously manage up to 10 channels to read the following parameters: pH, free chlorine, combined chlorine, active free chlorine, total chlorine, conductivity, ORP, NTU, product levels, pool water level. For each channel CENTURIO POOL has 2 digital setpoints (ON / OFF), 2 proportional setpoints (IS), 1 mA output setpoint and 1 Temperature setpoint; you can also set 6 timers with a maximum of 10 daily schedules each.

CENTURIO POOL can be connected to the Internet via WIFI, GSM or ETHERNET and remotely controlled via ERMES, the online control system designed by EMEC. It is also equipped with the MODBUS serial communication protocol (optional) which allows connection with other devices within RS485 networks.

CENTURIO POOL is the safest controller for your swimming pool system.

Jan 29, 2020 News

EMEC dosing pumps and controllers: the only ones with a 5 years warranty

Quality and reliability over time have always been what distinguishes EMEC products and the fundamental prerequisite of our commitment to offering the most innovative products. Precisely for this reason, EMEC dosing pumps and controllers are the only ones worldwide in the sector to be guaranteed for 5 years.

The high quality of the “Made in Italy” EMEC design, the highest reliability of the components used and the accurate controls and management of production processes system make easy and natural for us to offer a warranty period superior to the others and, also in case of possible repair or replacement, to be able to extend the warranty of each interested component for a further year.

Because EMEC dosing pumps and controllers have always been a guarantee of quality and reliability.

The warranty obviously does not cover the replacement of consumable components, while for PRIUS motor-driven metering pumps the warranty remains for 2 years.
The warranty includes the free repair or replacement of the product components that are defective at the origin due to manufacturing defects, unless conditions external to the product functioning have occurred. Therefore interventions carried out for the replacement of components that can be worn out or removed are excluded, unless their breakage or malfunctioning can be attributed to original defects.
In the event that replacement of the entire product is necessary, the expiry and terms of the original warranty remain unchanged.

For all the details consult the Certificate of guarantee: ITA - ENG - FRA