Changelog (2021-03-22)

Changelog (2021-03-22)
Below is the list of technical documentation updates over the last two weeks:
  • BRACKETS datasheet update with STAMS2 dimensional
  • MODBUS manual for Laser Level Sensor (RS485) (ITA/ENG)
  • Manual update (ENG) with customized stirrer model for EMEC RUSSIA (MIXC2N)
  • MODBUS LDS manual update for adding addresses for LDSCD-D TIMER PLUS / LDSCDIND-D Timer PLUS models
  • MODBUS manual update for PRIUS for Custom Client
  • PRIUS UL manual update with new power supply values
  • Custom datasheet for Prius D MF 07230 with flow curve
  • CABLE ADDENDUM updated and CHINESE language added
  • PECAP / SN6 datasheet update [ITA/ENG] with max working pressure 1bar
  • ADENCO Custom LDSTOWER Manual [ENG]
  • Correction of MTOWER manuals description of function NO FLOW (all languages)
  • Model table update in the datasheet for KMS [ITA/ENG] [ITA/ENG]
  • ADI1 155VAC manual [ITA/ENG]
Currently under processing:
  • Custom PRIUS MF Manual [ENG]
  • Manuals / Datasheets for Guarin Dosing Station