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LOTUS is the advanced chlorine dioxide disinfection system created by EMEC to provide the definitive solution to the global threat represented by Legionella bacteria.

Legionella bacterium is worldwide one of the main problems and one of the main challenges in water disinfection. LOTUS systems are the most reliable and safest answer to this challenge thanks to their advanced chlorine dioxide generator and metering system capable of eradicating the risk of infection by removing even its breeding ground.

LOTUS systems are the only ones in the world with remote control. Thanks to EMEC exclusive online management system ERMES, you will be able to monitor and interact with your system from everywhere and through a simple but powerful web interface, for a non-stop prevention against legionella.


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By now the use of chlorine dioxide has replaced that of chlorine (hypochlorous acid) in water treatment and disinfection because of the many advantages brought by a biocidal and antiviral power definitely higher as well as independent from pH of the water to treat. Indeed, chlorine dioxide is the safest and the most effective answer against the risk of legionellosis, especially in Hot Water systems, by affecting and breaking down, besides pathogens, even the biofilm, that is the natural habitat in which both Legionella bacteria, the cause of legionellosis, and other species of bacteria proliferate. Using chlorine dioxide in disinfection of water has demonstrated to be no less than 10 times more effective against bacteria, algae, fungi and viruses.

Moreover, chlorine dioxide is not aggressive toward pipes and its effect is longer-lasting, up to several days, and over a wider area from the injection point, ensuring the treatment of a whole plumbing system, even by using a small amount of product. Always unlike chlorine, there is no formation of potentially cancer-causing by-products from disinfection, and for all these reasons use of chlorine dioxide is also ecological and suitable for drinking water treatment. In addition to combating Legionella in hospitals, nursing homes, hotels and schools, other applications for chlorine dioxide disinfection are in food and beverage industries, in waste water treatment, in agriculture, livestock farming and viticulture, and in cooling towers.




Chlorine dioxide (CLO2) based biological control systems are used in a variety of industries as a primary method for control of micro-organisms in water systems, from controlling bacteria in food processing to Legionella in cooling towers.

LOTUS chlorine dioxide generators are especially recommended for reduction, control and prevention of the risk of legionellosis in domestic hot water (DHW) systems. Production of chlorine dioxide is safe and stable in time thanks to a new system expressly designed to offer a turnkey product, easy to install and easy to manage with a simple user interface. Their elegant covers makes LOTUS generators suitable for any installation context and, besides safeguarding from accidental liquid loss, preserves at the same time the cleanliness of the inner components and their integrity.

Moreover, every LOTUS system can connect to the internet using Ethernet or 2G/3G and can be remotely controlled with the exclusive online management system ERMES, by using a simple web interface through any device and browser.

ClO2 in its pure form, exists at room temperature as a gas and dissolves in water. The EMEC LOTUS range of Chlorine Dioxide Generators are designed so there is no requirement to handle this as a gas, but instead two liquid ‘precursor’ chemicals, Hydrochloric Acid (HCl) and Sodium Chlorite (NaClO2), react together to form the chlorine dioxide required. The EMEC LOTUS systems can dose proportional to the circulating water or based on the measurement set point. EMEC LOTUS does not store the chlorine dioxide therefore there is no chlorine dioxide gas or concentrated solutions outside of the process application.


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